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Provincial Superior : Sr. Rosily Kolencherry
“We enclose the sick in our arms and soothe their pain.”(M.M Theresa Scherer)”
I am happy that Holy Cross Hospital Kunkuri is engaged in actualizing the dream of our Founder and Co-founder by serving the people of this tribal region. The area needs humanized, affordable and compassionate care through the healing ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross, visualizing and actualizing the Charism of our Congregation “Compassionate love to all especially to the underprivileged”.
I wish God’s blessings, love, peace and joy to all those who work and live in this hospital campus and all those who seek and receive health care from here.
( Sr. Rosily Kolencherry Provincial Superior and President of the registered society )

Sister Superior and Hospital Manager : Sr.Grace Mathew
“We enclose the sick in our arms and soothe their pain.”(M.M Theresa Scherer)”
Holy Cross Sisters settled in many remote areas among the poor, tribals, illiterate, having almost no educational and health care facilities. The same was the state when two missionary sisters landed in Kunkuri, to provide health care .The sick from far and wide , flocked looking for some relief in their illness. Started with two beds in their residence, facilities increased by adding few beds under the tree,sheltered with mats covering for privacy, then adding a temporary house to accommodate few more patients…… thus goes the history of the development of Holy Cross Hospital Kunkuri.From its inception, Kunkuri Hospital is a haven of healingfor the poor sick. Following the motto andCharism of the Institute, humanized, rational, quality care is rendered in an affordable manner to all without any discrimination of cast or creed .
( Sr.Grace Mathew Sister Superior and Hospital Manager )

Administrator : Sr.Clodia

I am glad to say that our Holy Cross Hospital Kunkuri, from its inception is popular in rendering services in compassionate love of Jesus Christ to all the poor and needy patients, from the surrounding state like Jharkhand and Orissa. Our staff strive to be loyal to the highest ideals of health profession. Today’s Doctors, Nurses and other health professionals are part of a team who deliver comprehensive health care, often they are called to be leaders in society helping in the developmental activities. Health is both a means and an end of development, improving the quality of life. I encourage our staff in medical and health care sciences, to be conscious of social, economic and other factors, which will bring necessary transformation in the lives of the people to lead a healthy human existence.
( Sr.Clodia, Administrator )

Medical Superintendent : Sr. Dr. Deep Shikha Kerketta

M.B.B.S,M.S. General Surgery St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences ,Bangalore
( Sr. Dr. Deep Shikha Kerketta, Medical Superintendent )

Nursing suprintendant : Sr. BinitaTirkey

( Sr. BinitaTirkey, Nursing suprintendant )

Principal of School of Nursing Kunkuri : Sr. Bincy Joseph M Sc (N)

( Sr. Bincy Joseph M Sc (N) , Principal of School of Nursing Kunkuri )