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   ||    Welcome To Holy Cross Hospital, Kunkuri, Chhattisgarh (INDIA)

Holy Cross Hospital Kunkuri is a not- for- profit Registered Organization ( M.P. AVE CRUZ SISTERS ASSOCIATION) providing specialized health care in some of the remotest and underdeveloped parts of India. It is a challenging task for the government to reach most of the rural areas. This is where Holy Cross Hospital Kunkuri, in a distinct way, steps in, to fulfill the necessitous demands of health care in these areas and play a vital link between secondary and tertiary hospital services. Some of these areas are so remote that, both, the nearest railway station and nearest airport is about 120km away. This is what makes us unique, thus it’s a privilege and honour to mention that we have sustained ourselves, delivering excellent health care since 62 years in India’s most challenging territory.

Our total bed strength is of 150 IPD . In a year we treat about 72,106 [55867 OPD ,16239 IP] patients and help rural mothers with 3,237 safe child deliveries. About 16239 people receive appropriate in- patient care , 3590 people receive surgical interventions.