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Development :
Over the years clinical and Diagnostic facilities are increased. Addition of ICU, Paediatric ward, Eye ward etc have helped the rural population of this area and nearby states to avail service from here. We have increased the Bed strength to 150.

Nursing Education :
The saying “ The harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few” became a Reality with the growth and expansion of the hospital. Many patients were looked after only by one or two trained nurse sisters. Qualified lay nurses would never turn up to this rural area. To meet the increasing demand of patient care, 3 ½ years General Nursing and Midwifery Training program was started in 1971 affiliated to Mid India Board of Examiners ( run by American Protestant Missionaries). Later on 2 years ANM training also was started in 1992, however ANM was stopped in 2016 as per Chhattisgarh Government policy. We are upgrading the existing GNM course to B.S.C. Nursing in the coming year.

Net working with the Government program :
We join hands with the government in Preventive and curative health care thorough RNTCP, Immunization program, Janani Suraksha And Ayushman Bharat (Health Insurance program.)

Challenges :
Shortage of Medical and Paramedical staff is a constant challenge for us. The increasing number of Road traffic accidents, Various Poisoning cases,animal attack [Elephant /Bear attack,Snakebite,Dog bite ]is an additional burden on our doctors, as these cases are referred to our Hospital.
The light, our pioneer sisters have kindled, continues to shine for the people upto today though there were many struggles, sacrifices and suffering. The sayings of Fr. Theodosius, “We must not count on success, we must just do our duty”, gives much insight into the life and mission of the sisters.

We believe in healing the total person: physical, psychological, social and spiritual, considering the dignity of the person and the needs of the society. We also believe in giving Humanized, affordable, quality care to all, irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, socioeconomic status or type of disease. We reach out to the society to give therapeutic care, prevent illness, and promote health. This hospital serves as a referral hospital for District Hospital and other Health facilities.We follow Catholic Hospital Ethics and exercise acceptable standard of care. We believe in guiding and supporting the health care activities of the church and the country. We collaborate with Government and other agencies to bring total healing to the people. We are on the process of getting NABH accreditation.